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 - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Our Atelier, Frezzato & Di Mattia Harpsichords. We are two women Carla Frezzato and Cinzia Laura Di Mattia. Our ambition is to create Harpsichords that are not just ancient musical instruments but are works of art that have meaning, that recount of our time and its controversies. The instruments have a soul. Every detail becomes essential. The refinement of the materials is fundamental, but the constructive ability is not enough if one is not moved by a deep desire to transform the material into emotions. This is the way we like to understand this ancient and artistic craftsmanship; transform every challenge into tangible art, an author's signature of rare beauty.

About us

"The instruments themselves are in the top rank of reconstruction and one of Frezzato & Di Mattia harpsichords was completed only weeks before the 2015 recording session. Another was finished the previous year. Both are after instruments by Giovanni Battista Giusti who was working in Florence in the second half of the sixteenth century. I wonder if Handel played some of Giusti's keyboards? The other instrument, which features especially on CD 4, is a copy of a 1612 Ruckers and has a superb bass. Listen to the Partita in C minor to realise its gorgeous mellowness. There is also a double manual ‘harpsichord ravalement’. This has been an instrument (re)designed by the Ruckers family which has had its range extended to five octaves."

Gary Higginson

Fonte Music Web International

La Miseria Umana

Thirty-four stanzas of absolute and uniform lyrical tension, where you go, how long a Dantesque, to walk un'accidentata downward spiral, until you reach the hell of a shiny reflection, conscious and naked, the abyss of injury and fiction that is the human condition. Today, yesterday, as always.

Cinzia Laura Di Mattia


Satine - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

This anthology looks inside the lyrical ego universe without any shame and hesitation, pouring on the sheet a complex and cerebral world where body and mind are one with the poetic word that is also destined to pointing out the boundaries .

The Farinelli Manuscript

The Farinelli Manuscript - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

A project by Stefano Aresi with the intense, refined voice of the Mezzosoprano Ann Hallemberg and the Galante Ensemble Stile

Roberto Loreggian

Roberto Loreggian - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Flemish Ruckers "Grand Revalement" 1612

Roberto Loreggian e Federico Guglielmo

Roberto Loreggian e Federico Guglielmo - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Edition Brilliant Classics. The harpsichord used is a copy of J. Ruckers "grand revalement" Antwerp 1612 .

Roberto Loreggian

Roberto Loreggian - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Complete Harpsichord Music Edition Brilliant Classics - The instruments used are: A copy of J. Ruckers harpsichord Flemish two manuals and two harpsichords Italian school.