The Harpsichords are works of art

"Revisiting the balance of an ancient art is an important task. The life of the fibers is a sonorous union that teaches and delights every wise ear. Quality is respect for a language that is independent of human interpretations. It entrusts keyboards with the task of finding harmony with the composition and giving voice to an instrument that has a soul. "

This short caption summarizes the importance of a musical instrument. The ambitious task of keeping an ancient trade alive, which gives Italy prestige. A significant number of masters, scholars, passionate harpsichordists of international culture, experts in evaluating the materials used for the construction of these instruments, appreciate Italian craftsmanship with great interest. It is our wish, in this workshop from the name "Frezzato & Di Mattia Harpsichords" to translate the study, the knowledge into timbric and structural stability. Each element is built and made by us; jacks, keyboards, registers, soundboards, etc. This allows us to guarantee quality, to build stable instruments that improve over time. We are proud of our passion and can contribute to the growth of an instrument that we consider a work of art: the harpsichord.

Farinelli Paths di Stefano Aresi

Extract of the concert of Maestro Costantino Mastroprimiano c/o Sala del Romanino Padua

Enrico Baiano


Roberto Loreggian


Manuel Tomadin




The Farinelli Manuscript

The Farinelli Manuscript - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

A project by Stefano Aresi with the intense, refined voice of the Mezzosoprano Ann Hallemberg and the Galante Ensemble Stile

Roberto Loreggian

Roberto Loreggian - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Flemish Ruckers "Grand Revalement" 1612

Roberto Loreggian e Federico Guglielmo

Roberto Loreggian e Federico Guglielmo - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Edition Brilliant Classics. The harpsichord used is a copy of J. Ruckers "grand revalement" Antwerp 1612 .

Roberto Loreggian

Roberto Loreggian - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Complete Harpsichord Music Edition Brilliant Classics - The instruments used are: A copy of J. Ruckers harpsichord Flemish two manuals and two harpsichords Italian school.