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Our harpsichords school: 

 Italian - German - Flemish - English - French - Fortepianos

 All of our basic instruments are decorated with a richness of detail. The customer can request any element for his needs and wishes. We make faithful copies of historical instruments or instruments with both technical and decorative modifications.


We organize workshops for the maintenance of harpsichords


Italian scool harpsichord

Italian scool harpsichord - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Black harpsichord with oil painting on panel a copy of a work by Artemisia Gentileschi. Soundboard in spruce. Light harpsichord with painting a detail inspired by the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, a cypress soundboard. Extension Si/mi - Transposition 440/415 Hz - 8'x8''-  Dimension: 221x87x24

Available for sale and rental


Restoration of ancient instruments

Restoration of ancient instruments - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

We keep the soul and history of the instrument.
Look Gallery - Square Piano 1810

Harpsichords for "Basso Continuo"

Italian Harpsichord Giusti 1681

C/E-c3 8', 8' C2:264 mm 1947x749x231mm

415/440 Hz transposition

Soundboard in spruce

Simple base

One color

FOR MORE INFORMATION meccanicatemperata@gmail.com

Material for Harpsichords and Fortepianos

It is possible to order in our atelier everything you need for the maintenance of your instruments:

Cases - Keys to tune - Strings - Delrin plectra - Bristles - Jacks - String damping

Wooden jack-slides


Fortepianos mechanics


The Farinelli Manuscript

The Farinelli Manuscript - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

A project by Stefano Aresi with the intense, refined voice of the Mezzosoprano Ann Hallemberg and the Galante Ensemble Stile

Roberto Loreggian

Roberto Loreggian - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Flemish Ruckers "Grand Revalement" 1612

Roberto Loreggian e Federico Guglielmo

Roberto Loreggian e Federico Guglielmo - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Edition Brilliant Classics. The harpsichord used is a copy of J. Ruckers "grand revalement" Antwerp 1612 .

Roberto Loreggian

Roberto Loreggian - Cembali Frezzato & Di Mattia

Complete Harpsichord Music Edition Brilliant Classics - The instruments used are: A copy of J. Ruckers harpsichord Flemish two manuals and two harpsichords Italian school.